Introduction Scuba Diving in Esterel

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Dreaming of all the new sensations to be discovered in the land of the bottom of the seas? Our Dune Estérel team are guiding you through your first dive experience.

Be dazzled by the treasures of the Estérel’s shallow coastal seabed, breathe under water, and share a fascinating weightlessness with the fish around you… Pleasure, safety, comfort, enchantment – go for your first dive experience into the beauty of marine life with a DUNE guide.

After your arrival at the centre and gearing up, your first dive experience starts with a short boat trip on-board DUNE’s Cyana Bora along the Corniche de l’Estérel to reach the protected seabed of Cap Roux or of the Marine Reserve of Estérel Théoule.

A few simple tips about your gear, how to get into the water and your underwater environment, and then comes the time to immerse yourself into the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

Your DUNE guide manages and secures each step of your dive, so you just have to open your eyes and enjoy the adventure! At a shallow depth, the seabed is bathed with light, and shelters a surprisingly diverse underwater fauna.

All you need is your bathing-suit, your towel and a pinch of curiosity, DUNE Estérel is taking care of the adventure!


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Anyone can go for a first dive experience. No previous experience being required, you only need to be curious and willing to try!

No need to be super fit or adventurous to discover scuba diving: we come in with a string of skills and ingenuity to keep your efforts at their minimum and make it easy and enjoyable for you! Our perfectly reliable latest trend gear will make you feel secure and comfy so you can make the most of your experience. A highly professional organisation along with a super relaxed atmosphere!

Our guides are experienced professional diving instructors, in love with the sea and with a passion for sharing. DUNE always focuses on your safety and comfort in order for your experience to be a total success. All you need is your bathing-suit, your towel and a pinch of curiosity, DUNE Estérel is taking care of the adventure!


Your scuba diving adventure begins right at the heart of Miramar, on the docks of La Figueirette, where DUNE Estérel diving centre is located.

Our team welcomes you and walks you through our facilities, showing you our changing rooms, bathrooms, and gives you the step by step of your activity. Then, they prepare your gear: a wetsuit your size to be comfortable in the water, a buoyancy compensator jacket on which your diving cylinder will be fitted, a regulator to breathe through, and, of course, a mask and a pair of fins.

It is now time for a safety briefing during which your instructor explains all the steps of the immersion process in order to rub away any anxiety and leave room for magic only! And off we go for a short trip on-board the Cyana Bora to discover the gorgeous sea of the Corniche de l’Estérel and reach our diving spot.

The spot for a first dive experience is always purposely selected by our teams in order to combine diversity and beauty of the seabed with optimal safety conditions.

Mask and fins on, diving tank in place, you are now floating at the surface of a quiet and transparent sea, eye to eye with your instructor while they are activating your gear… your first dive experience is rolling… once past the surprise of both such an easy breathing and the 3D moves, the environment is so amazing that it is frustrating to have to decide in which direction to focus!


Choosing DUNE for your first dive experience is choosing the best conditions with dedicated professionals and the best spots for practice!

Weightlessly floating, breathing under water, surprised by the air bubbles cuddling your cheeks on their way up to the silver lined surface, stunned by the sudden freedom in such a colourful environment… You observe fish schools, and they observe you back! Discovering scuba diving also means discovering the diversity of an unknown and busy life just a few metres beneath the surface.

It also comes with the unique and unforgettable feeling of weightlessness in a peaceful and safe environment, as a discreet and privileged observer of a welcoming nature, under the protective eye of your instructor.

Back on board, you can enjoy a warm shower, a snack and a drink, as well as the pleasure of sharing your experience with all.

Smiles, friendliness, safety and fun are the perfect combination for an unforgettable adventure… the trip back to the centre gives you the opportunity to share your experience whilst making the most of the beautiful views of the Estérel or the bay of Cannes. Once back at the centre, you might want to enjoy a peaceful moment on our shadowy terrace, have a drink or even try to identify some of the Mediterranean fishes met underwater just moments before?

Your DUNE instructor will give you a first dive certificate that sets, we hope, the beginning of a lifelong passion for the marine world… Even if, for some of you, this is just a one off, diving with DUNE will forever be in your memory!



There are no requirements, since anybody 8 years old or over is allowed to dive. No need to be sporty, as long as you are curious and willing to try. Your instructor is in charge.

  • Age: 8+ years old | Underage participants must provide a parental authorisation.
  • Level / prior training: the first dive experience is for beginners, it is accessible to all.
  • Optional: medical certificate of non-contraindication to scuba diving, issued by a general practitioner doctor.
  • Only bring your bathing suit and a towel.

What’s included in the price:

It’s all inclusive ! (welcome, all the necessary diving gear, briefing, boat trip, your dive, your own experienced instructor guide during your whole dive, a warm drink after the dive, a certificate)

How long does the activity last?

Please plan from 2 ½ to 3 hours. Let’s meet at the centre at:

When is the activity available? : Everyday, all year round.